Balancing Care and Capital with Aligned Interests

We believe that the aging population — coupled with advances in technology and the push toward the lowest cost setting of care — will drive healthcare services to demand forward in the future, and those prospects continue to create attractive opportunities for Formation Capital and its investors.

Here’s what we look for when seeking out viable partners:

  • Businesses with strong management teams
  • Stable cash flows
  • Multiple levers for growth

Our flexible investment mandate allows for creative structuring and financing solutions tailored to each deal.

We take an active approach to building partnerships and providing strategic and operational expertise to the companies in which we invest. We can leverage our internal knowledge as well as our extensive industry network to aid management teams with strategic insight and operational oversight that drive growth and performance. We make sure companies have the capital and strategic backing to grow the business through acquisitions successfully, accelerated de novo growth, and improved operating performance.

Our Focus

Formation seeks small to mid-sized healthcare services companies that are scalable and geographically dense with room for expansion. We find companies with the right revenue mix — including government-funded business with high barriers to entry that require a high level of expertise.

Previous and target investment subsectors include:

  • Intellectual & developmental disability
  • Addiction and rehabilitation providers
  • Traumatic/acquired brain injury
  • Hospice and home care
  • Seniors housing
  • Skilled nursing operations

Given our more than 20-year history within healthcare real estate, we also welcome companies with significant owned real estate in addition to their operations.

Our Expertise

Formation Capital utilizes tenured healthcare experience, financial sophistication, operating perspectives, regulatory insight, and business management skills to actively support management teams to drive organic growth, pursue accretive acquisitions, and increase operational efficiencies.

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